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We met us at work in the Erse Park Uetze. After we were married in 1983, we stand together with our sea lions on stage. From 1984 to 2000, we were seen in the theme park Walibi in Belgium. Now, we are seeing in the greatest circus shows in Europe (For example: Circus Knie, Circus Krone, Cirque d'hiver Bouglione, World Christmas Circus, etc.). If we are not traveling, we live in Spain.

We really like to remember the filming of "Hallo Robbie", covering a total of eight years. In 2001 the family series "Hello Robbie" on the beautiful island of Rügen was shot. "Hallo Robbie" pursued average more than five million viewers the show, even in the top six million viewers.

Foto: RTL-Show Das Supertalent
RTL-Show "Das Supertalent"

In the "Höhner Rockin' Roncalli Show", were our sea lions with the thick mustaches audience favorites.

Several times we were enthusiastic about the ZDF television garden with our sea lions.

For the sea lion comedy, as well as nostalgia for the sea lion show, we were awarded several prizes at the Circus Festival in Monte Carlo, Warsaw and Paris.

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